Por Señor Phillips



Extra Credit for 2nd Quarter

Due NO LATER than December 22, 2022


*** Remember—to receive FULL credit for each assignment, all questions must be answered. Be thorough in your responses. Include ALL details necessary to completely and accurately answer each question. Include MORE details if you feel it will help your answers. Also, remember you can receive a MAXIMUM OF 3% RAISE OF GRADE. You can, however, include an “extra” assignment or 2 to provide you with “extra” assurance that you will receive the full 3% raise of grade. ***

Your responses should be written in English. I will NOT accept any "cut and paste" type of responses.

Write a 1 page paper comparing and contrasting the Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs. When did each civilization "flourish"? Where were each civilization primarily located? When and by whom were each civilization conquered? What were some notable things for which each culture was known?

Answer the question, “Who were ‘Los Niños Heroes’”? Include the following;

  • Who were they? Not just their names, but explain who they were
  • What did they do? What did they do to become “famous”?
  • When did they do what they did? Include dates (obviously), as well as a reference to what was happening at the time
  • Why did they do what they did? Explain the events that led up to causing them to do what they did.
  • Where did this “event” occur?
  • How does their “act” affect people today? What is the impact of what they did? What remains today in their place as a result of what they did?

Photos —OPTIONAL—You can include photos if you want. It is optional

What is "La Noche de los Rábanos"? When and where is it celebrated?
What is the "Guelaguetza"? Who celebrates it (what culture, country, group of people, etc)? How is the celebration similar or different to some celebrations that we have in the United States?
How did the city of San Francisco get its name? Write a 1/2 page paper on the details of who, what, when, why, and how the city of San Francisco got its name.