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Covid-19 Remote Distance Learning
Spanish Department

During the Remote Distance Learning phase, students will be using Google Classroom, Realize (Realidades digital textbook and workbooks), Infinite Campus, and www.senorphillips.com to remain up to date as to when assignments are posted and due, how to turn in completed work, how to take quizzes or tests, and how to connect with teachers in "virtual office hours". Students will also be able to connect with their teacher via Remind text app, Google Voice Number, or email, and individual Zoom or Google Meet online meetings can also be arranged.

There will be a schedule posted for each class throughout the day that a student has, but for Spanish 1A or 1B, the schedule will be as follows:

Monday - instruction given via pre-recorded videos, live Zoom meetings, EdPuzzle Videos, etc.

Tuesday - Friday - students will interact with the newly learned material via continued live Zoom meetings, textbook activities, workbook pages, websites such as StudySpanish.com, goformative.com, quizstar.4teachers.org, etc. Some quizzes or tests will be scheduled on Tuesdays or Wednesdays during block schedule, and some quizzes or tests will be scheduled on Fridays. If the quiz or test is scheduled for a Friday, and that is not the student's block day, they can either take the quiz or test on Thursday, or they can still take it on Friday to give them the same amout of time as all other students.

Teachers will be checking in each weekday to provide feedback to students.

Should we return to school, please review the "in-class" Course Policy by clicking HERE.